Dear all,

Due to the severe epidemic situation of the new type of coronavirus in China, the register date will be set back indefinitely. For this inconvenience, our school has developed three options for you to choose from:

One is that you can choose to continue to wait. Our school will retain the enrollment qualifications of all students, but the specific time is currently uncertain. The register date will be notified to you as soon as possible and ensure that you have sufficient time to handle visa and arrival in China.

The second is that you can choose to extend your enrollment until the fall of September. Our school will issue a new admission notice and visa application form for foreign students in China in June. You do not need to apply again.

The third is that you give up your admission qualification. For air tickets to China, please send the relevant vouchers for your canceled air tickets to us.
We will compensate you for some expenses according to the actual situation.

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology
International Education  College
February 2, 2020