Issue Time: 2020-01-24

Dear teachers and students,

At present, confirmed cases of the new novel coronavirus infection have occurred in Nanjing. According to the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education's notification of epidemic prevention and control, the life and health of students studying in our school will be effectively protected. Please kindly pay special attention and follow the rules as follows:

1. Improving the school filing system. Based on the information about the school stay that has been filed in the previous period, each international student's class teacher and counselor should verify the latest situation. Any change should be reported in a timely manner.

2. Establish a vacation leave system. International students are not allowed to travel to the Wuhan area. It is not recommended that International students stay overnight or leave Nanjing. If there are special circumstances, a leave application should be made in advance. The applicant must explain the situation to the international student's class teacher and counselor (including reasons for leave, destination, departure and return time, etc.). The application will be reported to the school's relevant department after review by the international education college. The applicant is allowed to leave only after the approval from the school administration. When returning back to school, the student must go to the school hospital for physical examination. If with fever, stay in hospital; if not fever, live in isolation for observation.

3. Establish a health status notification mechanism. International students should take good personal protection to reduce going out and avoid crowded places. The school's logistics department has prepared masks and issued them to international students. Please wear masks consciously when going out. Try to avoid face-to-face conversation. Ventilation in the dormitory. Consciously wear a mask when traveling in a crowded place. International students who have fever, cough and other symptoms must immediately report to the international student's class teacher. The class teacher should immediately report to the leader of IEC, and the IEC will report to the school administration in conjunction with the school medical department.

We wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology
International Education College
January 24, 2020