To all the overseas students on campus (South Africa Project students Excluded): 

According to the professional training project for overseas students, the courses for you, which were originally planned to begin on February 24, 2020, now have been notified to postpone until the end of February by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education due to the influence of pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The change involves six classes: Chinese Language (Autumn) 1919; International Business (Spring) 1919; International Business (Autumn) 1919; International Business (Autumn) 1719; Software (Autumn) 1719 and Telecommunication Technology (Autumn) 1719. To meet the requirements “to stop classroom learning but not learning; no delay in learning” and the implementation plan for online teaching of NIIT during the epidemic period, after being approved by NIIT, the International Education College plans to start online teaching from 17 February (Check the arrangement of courses in enclosure 1) and the teachers will use Tencent’s professional online education platform “Tencent Classroom(腾讯课堂)” for live lessons when the time comes. You should install the “Tencent Classroom(腾讯课堂)” APP to your cellphone and get familiar with it (Check the way of installation and use in enclosure 2). The first phase of the course will be ended on 28 February and the course for next phase will be notified on time. 

All the students concerned should get ready, participate in the online courses on time according to the requirements and finish the assignments given by the teachers actively. There will be an examination at the end of each course and you can’t get score for the course if you can’t pass the examination. 

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology
International Education College
February 15, 2020